Friday Night Kid’s Que

Each entry will be judged by a panel of 6 judges. Each box should have enough samples for a minimum of six judges. There will be 2 age groups: 7-10 and 11-15. Each entry will consist of only 1 cook. KCBS rules apply for meat, seasonings, sauce, and presentation. Grills and meat will be provided. Hot dogs (sponsored by CARGILL) will be the meat entry for age group 7-10. Hot dogs (sponsored by CARGILL) will the meat for age group 11-15. Cooks will be provided their meat for their category and it must be kept chilled in a cooler for safety reasons. The child/cook must do the preparation, cooking and presentation. The adult supervisor/staff will help with fires. Special needs children need not be eliminated from the competition but will be allowed to do as much as they are able with some help from an assigned person. No garnish is allowed for the age group 7-10. Anything goes when presenting your entry for 11-15 age group. Hot dogs may be served in any manner. All children will cook in designated areas and do as must as possible by themselves. Age group 7-10 will be allowed only 1 adult helper, but should strive to cook by themselves as much as possible. Age group 11-15 will be cooking by themselves. Staff/ supervision will be available to assist if we see that the situation requires it. Tables will be provided for work space. Each cook needs to bring utensils, rubs, sauces, and hot dog seasonings. All items must be in place at the designated times of grill starting. Child/Cook must be standing in the “Turn In” area by the designated times to have their entry accepted. Hot dog entries will consist of a package of hot dogs for both groups.


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